Speaking Out for the Blind

Speaking Out for the Blind- Episode 342

April 13, 2024

Miami’s Community News reports that a benefit concert is coming up. The show is hosted by American Heritage Schools and the Lighthouse of Broward in Florida. The event is called Heroes. Heroes is a benefit auction and concert for the blind and visually impaired. Heroes will be featuring singer Mitch Franco. Mitch, along with American Heritage Schools CEO Dr. Douglas Laurie, and Lighthouse of Broward President and CEO Ellyn Drotzer join us to talk about the concert. Note: Due to unforeseen circumstances, Mitch Franco was not featured. Lighthouse of Broward Vice-President of Strategic Initiatives and Development Jose Lopez Masso is also featured, elaborating on the Heroes event. For more info related to this week’s show, go to: https://speakingoutfortheblind.weebly.com/list-of-episodes-and-show-news/for-more-information-episode-342-heroes-a-benefit-concert-for-the-blind-and-visually-impaired