Speaking Out for the Blind

Speaking Out for the Blind Episode 319- Forza Motorsport for the blind

May 20, 2023

Forza Motorsport for the blind-_ _May 19th, 8PM Eastern (ACB Media 1) and repeats throughout the next seven days (go to https://speakingoutfortheblind.weebly.com/ for more details)

Motor1.com reports that the game developer called Turn 10 Studios is launching, this year, its new authentic and most technically advanced racing game this year. The game is called Forza Motorsport. Forza Motorsport is going to contain groundbreaking features specifically for the blind and visually impaired. Joining us to talk about these features will be Brandon Cole, a blind gamer and accessibility consultant who partnered with Turn 10 Studios to make the game accessible for the blind. For more info related to this week’s show, go to: https://speakingoutfortheblind.weebly.com/list-of-episodes-and-show-news/for-more-information-episode-319-forza-motorsport-for-the-blind