Speaking Out for the Blind

Speaking Out for the Blind Episode 325- Coloado's Visually Impaired Communities

September 9, 2023

Colorado Public Radio in Centennial, Colorado reports that blind people have been business professionals, politicians, community activists, and artisans throughout the State’s history. But all of their stories have gone untold. Historian Peggy Chong wants to tell those stories. Peggy is known as the “Blind History Lady” for her research on the personalities of the visually impaired communities of Colorado and around the world. Peggy joins us to talk about her research. For more info related to this week’s show, go to: https://speakingoutfortheblind.weebly.com/list-of-episodes-and-show-news/for-more-information-episode-325-colorados-visually-impaired-communities